Monday, December 17, 2012

Arab City Schools visit HHS

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of visiting with a group of educators from Arab City Schools. Arab has not yet implemented a common educational platform like Edmodo and wanted to see what we were doing to incorporate Edmodo and other types of technology into the classrooms here at HHS. The group was introduced to Edmodo with presentation by Dana Depew (Using Edmodo to individualize in Special Education), Brad Coltrane (Using Edmodo daily, posting weekly assignments, etc...), Melissa Hamley (Using Edmodo with Advisory), and then we visited the classrooms of Mark Conner and Teddie Butcher. The groups was impressed with how each of these teachers are individualizing instruction and increasing communication using Edmodo. Thanks to all of these presenters for giving your time to help others grow and learn!

Ms. Butcher also shared how she takes photos of the cooking process while students are in the foods lab and then posts the complete recipe with these photos on Edmodo for the students to access as they practice cooking at home. She also prepared Gumbo for the group which was outstanding.

Out goal will be to collaborate with Arab as they implement the use of Edmodo into the classrooms. We love to learn with other schools and share the great things you are doing at HHS with them!

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