Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We hosted our first #ALedchat last night and had a positive response. We had peers from Hoover, Homewood, Huntsville, Piedmont, Sulligent, Texas, Missouri, and even Canada Tweet in to connect and collaborate with us. These educators were classroom teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school level, special ed teachers, consultants, administrators, ISS teachers, and athletic directors. Our goal for our first chat was to find out what tech was being used and gather insight into the overall perspectives of tech by our group. Great discussions were held, which is one key to personal and professional growth. We will be archiving the chats here on our Engaged Learning Initiative blog. Thanks to all who participated. We love learning with you!

#ALedchat Archive #1: http://storify.com/Jennifer_Hogan/aledchat-how-technology-is-affecting-teaching-and

Tweets to Think About:


See you all and your peers Monday, November 19th @9:00!


  1. I believe it is so important as educators to have systems in place to increase efficiency. It is even more important to be willing to evaluate and change our systems, especially in terms of digital education.

  2. How do you guys have so much time to do all of this? Between preparing notes for class; grading assignments; math team paperwork (to go to tournaments); writing tests; managing math tournament registrations; lesson plans; signing up in Edmodo, Moodle, PDweb for various reasons; on top of house maintenance and general home chores, I don't have time for all of this. I'm exhausted when I get home EVERY SINGLE DAY.