Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday! I hope everyone comes out tonight to support the Bucs and Black out Clay! We have a great week at HHS and I am encouraged and excited daily by the teaching and learning that I am seeing in our classrooms! This week's Fun Fact Friday is about Flipping the Classroom. A relatively new concept that maybe is not fully understood by all of our students at this time :)

From the iPad of Kellye Self....

I filled out a technology work order this week to integrate both Google Docs and Dropbox with Moodle for direct uploads.  If you have been working with Moodle and seniors, then you are aware that the only way to upload work from the iPad has been by taking screen shots and uploading from the camera roll, OR by buying the Moodle app.  This integration gives them the option of uploading full documents saved into dropbox or google docs.  OUR TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT ROCKS IN HOOVER!  They finished full integration this morning (turn-around just a couple of days), so for those of you using Moodle for your classes, both google docs and dropbox will now show up in the “file picker” when you choose to upload a document.  It is a one-time integration with login and password and clicking a button at the outside spot, allowing Moodle access to your files.  This opens up so much more for our students turning in work through Moodle so I’m really excited and wanted to share it with you….I just didn’t know who all was using it!

Seniors make video about Beauty Walk:

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