Monday, October 29, 2012

On Friday of last week, I was privileged to see a Senior, Tyler Whitley, conduct his own IEP meeting using Notes on his iPad.  It was amazing to see a student  use technology to help him stay organized. This is an efficient and effective way to use technology to advance personal skills. Great job Tyler!

Tyler's mom stated," The iPad had helped Tyler tremendously!"

Mrs. Busby added, "Tyler is great with the iPad and with technology!"

From the iPad of Teddie Butcher...

I introduced Pinterest for the first time to my Interior Design class today. I was showing them how to create folders, re-pin to their bulletin boards, how to double click on the picture to bring up the person’s blog that originally pinned, etc. My student have made design booklets the old fashion way, where they found magazines pictures to represent color theory (primary, secondary, intermediate colors as well as analogous, complimentary and accented neutral), mounted them on paper, titled them and wrote a brief description of how the picture matches the color theory criteria.  WELL, I wanted to expose them to the new technology of creating the booklets by saving pictures that meet the criteria on Pinterest and creating a bulletin board on their Pinterest account for each of the design theories we will be covering this year in class. We will be returning to the library next week to continue working on their Pinterest folders if you would like to come and observe. 

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