Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mrs. Hogan had a great idea- not that this surprises us one bit! We are going to pick a day each week where every hour on the hour we praise a student and take their photo using Twitter. We will use the hash tags #HHSiBucs and #bucspraise. We will collect these Tweets and put them together at the end of the semester and year as Hoover Student Highlights. Here are a couple of our first #bucspraise Want to praise a student- use the hast tag #bucspraise! Tweets:

HHS Techaneers Started Today! This is a time during 5th period when students and teachers can go to the library and get assistance with thier technological devices. We started with our SGA, SCO, Student Ambassadors, and Peer Helpers but will be using IT students starting in November as well. The technology department and the library staff will also be of assistance. Any problems that cannot be solved will be recorded and sent to the tech department. Go Techaneers!!

From the iPad of Isabeth Gannon...

My students are using the new learning areas in the library for more than technology. We still see the value in reading books and print on our appropriate reading levels. Students are doing a great job and improving reading skills daily!!

HHS Club Site of the Week = Finance Academy

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