Thursday, October 11, 2012

HCS Uses Moodle for Teachers and Administrators to complete ISTE Nets Certification...

The Hoover City Schools technology department is using Moodle to allow teachers to collaboratively complete the ISET Nets Certification, which increases not only our ability to collaborate, but our capacity to learn new strategies, apps, and ideas from each other while gaining certification. Here is just an example of how sharing about using Pinterest in the classroom turned into a collaborative chat. It is not reall clear, but shows how one teacher sharing her idea has created a new and information conversation.

From the iPad of William Richardson and Todd Schaeffer...

Coach Schaeffer is teaching the class US History Tthrough Film this year. One teaching tool we are using is blogging. We have been documenting the films we are using through this blog. The blog is private for the class to use as a resource, but below is a sample of the postings we are making. Great tool for students!

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