Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From the iPad of Judy Kehr...

Check out www.weareteachers.com

Their mission statement is below along with a link to an article/blog about What Teachers Really Think About the Common Core. http://www.weareteachers.com/community/weareteachers-blog/blog-wat/2012/08/17/what-teachers-really-think-about-the-common-core

Mission Statement

Whether you’re looking for lesson plans and ideas, money for your classroom, product reviews or just a chance to connect with fellow educators, you’ve come to the right place. 

WeAreTeachers offers inspiration for your lessons and loads of professional development resources for educators.  Plus, we top it all off with hundreds of opportunities to win cash and prizes so that educators have access to the educational resources they need, regardless of declining budgets nationwide.

Our mission is to promote innovation in education through collaboration and connection to the most effective classroom resources. Every day, we are dedicated to empowering, celebrating and supporting the hard work that you do.

You can also follow this on Twitter: @WeAreTeachers

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