Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bucs Unite to Fight Bullying in School!

How cool!  Kids are tweeting their posters about cyberbullying.  Mrs. Moncus’ students have made some really good posters.  So glad to see our students take the lead in stopping cyberbullying.

Involve your students, too. ##hhsbucsunite

Judy Kehr

Student Tweets:

I am always looking for great organizational tips. This past weekend while at HHS for the SAT, I flipped through the October/November edition of Working Mother magazine. The magazine had an interesting article entitled "Appy-y Helpers" with some apps that could be useful to teachers with busy lives. I have shared some of these below.

Weather Clock Free- Wake up on time and know what to wear for the weather with this double-featured app. The background reflects real-time outdoor conditions, while rise-and-shine sounds awaken you (Free @

Voice Secretary- Voice-record you own reminders and have them recited at a set time. You can also email audio messages, back up files and repeat schedules. It's a virtual assistant in your phone ($4.00

Remember the Milk- If you are highly dependent on lists to get through the day, this app's for you. Prioritize, set time estimates and get reminders via email. Never forget anything again (free,

Sticky Note with Alarms and Bump Sharing: Email notes, customize their look, and view them without unlocking your screen.  "Bump" devices to share stickers to your iPhone or iTouch ($1.00 for Bump Function,

Checkbook: It's time for check records to go digital. Manage finances, reconcile transactions, save recurring expenses, and export to MS Excel easily. Secure everything with a password and back up your data online ($2.00,

Cozi Family Organizer: Keep your entire family on tract by storing every one's activities in one spot. Email important reminders, send text to-dos, even create a monthly e-newsletter (free, sign up and download app at

Grocery Gadget Free- Shopping List: Scan bar codes to check off your grocery like. Also, cut time by two-cart shopping with someone. All updates are synced across devices, avoiding dupe items between you (Free,

Goby: Find cool things to do with the family on weekends and holidays.Log in once and receive location-based recommendations, complete with directions and contact information (free,

* from Working Mother, October/November 2012  $12.00 for online subscription

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