Friday, September 7, 2012

It is Friday, but for once in my life I am not quite as excited that the weekend is coming. The energy and excitement at Hoover High is higher than I have ever seen! When I leave every afternoon I cannot help but to think about what exciting things I might see the next day in our classrooms. It is a great time to be a Hoover Buc.

Fun Fact Friday #4 is attached as usual, but first I wanted to share some absolutely awesome projects done by our students this week.

Shelly McBrayer made the following video using Movie Maker for her Marine Science Class. It is awesome. When we talked about the video she told me that she though that she retained so much more information when she used technology to complete projects. Way to go Shelly.

Mr. Jeff Johnson also had his physics classes complete a project entitled, "What is Physics and why do we need it?" Below are some of the projects that were turned in. Great job by all!

It is also G-Week here at Hoover High School. The events of the week were explained by our Head Athletic Trainer, Coach Brandon Sheppard. Thanks Gatorade!


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  1. Love your comments! It was another great week -- I believe we are all riding on the collective energy and spurring one another on to be better than we would have been on our own