Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From the iPad of Martin Rushano...

Welcome to the first annual Punger Games!

The competition is as follows: Whoever can think up the best "PUNS" appropriately using the terms from chapter five on bisecting a triangle wins

If person A makes a pun and person B slams back with a better one, person B defeats person A and person A's district is removed from competition.  If person A's was better, person B is removed.  I am the judge of who "lives" or "dies"... wow, such power!  Judgments will be made based on the appropriate use of the term and, of course, it's humor.  Insulting another player means instant removal from the games.

Competition will be on the field of Edmodo. 

If we don't hear from you in two days, I will "force you out" by making a bad pun in your place (You KNOW I can do a bad pun). Your vocabulary list from chapter five is your cornucopia.  If things need to be "spiced up", I will call for a vocabulary feast using terms from other chapters.  Prizes are awarded to the survivor.  
Keep calm and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Martin Rushano, M. Ed., NBCT

From the iPad of Kristen Westwood...

Today and yesterday in my Pre-AP English 9 classes, instead of having a whole class discussion, I broke students into groups to provide literary responses through Collaborize Classroom.  Some students bought the app, which was .99 cents, and others were able to use the website.  All of my classes had previously signed up for a Collaborize Classroom account, so they were prepared. 

By having students respond through an online discussion board, they were able to voice their opinions without having to speak in a whole class discussion. Also, they were able to see a variety of different opinions and evaluate other students’ responses. 

The students were told to respond to 3 out of 5 questions and to comment on 1 other group’s response.  The students really enjoyed the activity and being able to use their technology; however, after getting feedback from students, they said responding to posts was difficult on their phones. I did have several students with iPads or other tablets, and those groups said it was much easier to respond.  Also, not all students had smartphones, which made it harder to complete the task.  Groups that had multiple devices were able to help each other out more with the task.


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