Monday, September 10, 2012

From the iPad of Danelle Rohwedder...
I'm excited about how I'm using Edmodo this year.  Edmodo is great not just for my own classroom, but for finding and connecting with other professionals as well.  I connected with Ms. Jaci Collins of Manitowok, WI, and we started a group for our upper-level French students entitled "WiscoBama Français."  Because HHS started mid August, we posted first.  My students wrote posts introducing themselves and talking about their classes, interests, and future goals.  We've been waiting anxiously for Ms. Collins's students to start school (they didn't start til after Labor Day) so they could post their replies.
And reply they did!  It was so exciting to read about her students, and I was admittedly and pleasantly surprised to find out how diverse her students are.  I loved the way her students had obviously read all of my students' posts to find the person most similar to them.  I will translate, but one of her students even exclaimed "OMG! We have so many similarities!"  I could feel the excitement jumping off the page.  Not only are her students culturally and ethnically diverse like mine, they all have some major goals for their futures.  It's good for my students to know there are other people out there who are like them. 
Their posts are full of personal, meaningful information that my students can connect with on a real level.  When it comes to best practices and language learning, that's the gold standard.  I can't wait to see what else happens with this group.  The next step?  Ms. Collins and I are talking about creating subgroups and uploading pictures for our students to discuss with each other.  It'll be good practice for their upcoming and ever-looming IB and AP assessments this Spring.

Mrs. Hogan visited Mr. Quattlebaum's class and the class was using Khan Academy to individualize their learning. Great job Mr. Quattlebaum.

From the iPad of Kelley Self...

We are analyzing the declaration of independence today in class and they have instructions to make two tweets – one a modern restatement of a grievance in the Declaration of Independence and the other a modern grievance with the current government.  Their hash tag is #HHSiGov.

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