Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are embracing Connected Educator's Month in the Hoover City School District! One of the ways we are ensuring that we grow in the area of connectedness is with our Twitter Inaugural Chat. This chat will take place on Aug. 28th at 7:00 pm. Below is the email sent from the HCS Technology Department:

Good Evening Hoover Tweeps,

I hope that you are looking forward to an exciting 2012-2013 school year. The technology coaches have been working on different ways to assist you in your professional development and overall learning for this school year. One of the ways that we have discussed aiding this development is through a biweekly Twitter chat. Every other Tuesday night at 7 p.m. CST (we are going to start here and may adjust according to feedback) we will converge on Twitter to share all things education, professional development, and Hoover City Schools! We encourage you to connect with other educators in the system and follow them. Twitter is a great way to learn and share ideas from a wide range of education topics. During each of our chats we are going to utilize the hashtag
#hcslrn so make sure that somewhere in your post that hashtag appears. We will post a weekly poll with some topics for discussion we hope you will take a minute to follow the link and vote on a topic. You can even email us suggestions for topics to use for the following weeks chat. It is our hope that you will learn from these chats and invite others to participate in the future. We look forward to our first chat on Tuesday August 28, 2012.  Please follow @theory249 and @jrichardson30 so that you will receive reminders about upcoming chats.

* Note: To participate in a chat your account must be set to public.

The Hoover City Schools Technology Coaches

The teachers in our district will be thrilled that they will be able to suggest topics. We believe that this will provide a wonderful opportunity for our teachers to learn and grow together using Twitter. Hopefully this will also give them the confidence to join in other chats on Twitter and grow their PLN. Great idea HCS Technology Coaches!

First Tweet Session Aug. 28th!

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