Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mrs. Kelley has hard at work this week using EduCreations to make a video showing students how to complete Unit Conversions with Dimensional Analysis. Mrs. Kelley did a great job with this video and it can be viewed below: 

Many teachers are creating QR codes with QR Creator which allows students (or anyone with a smart device that has the Scan app to go directly to a website without having to type in the web address. The examples below are signs that can been seen around Hoover High School. The first is our ER Student Assistance flier that allows student to scan the flier and go to a Dropbox form to sign up for ER during their lunch and advisory time. Students can access this from the poster or they can go to the library and use the computer lab to sign up. The second is a flier posted outside a science classroom that uses Edmodo on a regular basis. The teacher has it posted so the student can scan it as they enter the classroom and their smart devices will be logged in to the correct web address.

From the iPad of Mark Conner...

I am generally not one to send school-wide emails, but I’m so in love with the iANNOTATE PDF app that I’m making an exception.  While I love Notability, I haven’t seen anything that rivals this app when it comes to annotating pdf files.  There are a ton of ways that you can add annotations to pdf files, including adding audio comments that can then be saved back to a pdf file.  For me, that means that I can finally tell students what I’m thinking when I grade their papers rather than trying to write it all out.  (It also means that I won’t be carrying 20 pounds of papers over each holiday break!)  The program also has great synchronization with Dropbox.

The main reason for the mass email, though, is that the app is 50% off for the remainder of the week.  If you purchase by August 31st, it’s only $4.99 instead of $9.99.  I have a feeling that a lot of our students will also be interested in this.

Hope some find this helpful.

App Presented by Jill Thomas and Emily Barnes during PD and endorsed again by Kelley Self-

I read an article a couple of days ago in MacLife magazine that listed good Apps for teachers.  One intrigued me enough from its description to pay for it.  It is called “Pick Me” and it was $1.99.  You can import your rosters from your dropbox account as long as they are in CSV format and include headers of First Name and Last Name.  I exported my rosters from INOW in Excel format and got rid of all the non-essential stuff (a little time consuming, but totally worth it) and then saved as CSV in my Dropbox account.  I launched the app and linked my Dropbox account to the APP.  I then imported each roster and saved it.  Now, when they come to class I can randomize who I call on, and I can give them a thumbs up or down to keep a record of participation easily.  The App will email me a report if I want it.  I can add or delete individual students if there are changes, and I can add pictures of students right from the APP!!!!  Sorry to impart such enthusiasm for something so simple, but putting faces and names together is always challenging for me!  Just thought I’d pass this one along.

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