Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life long learners- a phrase we commonly hear in education. What does it really mean? How does it apply to me? Am I really learning anything new? The answers to these questions are different for everyone, but if you are a teacher at Hoover High School and have not learned anything new over the past 2 days- you were asleep. Melissa Haughery, an English teacher at HHS, said "it was like being a new teacher again". She expressed her excitement about the possibilities the iPad brings to her classroom.

All classroom teachers now have their iPads at HHS and the focus of the past 2 days has been how to we use the iPad to increase our transformational teaching strategies in the classroom. Our teachers participated in a whole group faculty meeting on Monday morning where Mr. Hulin laid the groundwork for the iPad Engaged Learning Initiative.


After the opening faculty meeting, teachers were given time to have lunch and process the expectations for the initiative. After lunch, teacher were required to attend 4 sessions on a variety of topics that centered around the use of technology and the iPads. Today, teachers attended an additional 8 sessions. They chose which sessions that they would attend and some even stayed over and attended sessions twice. Having choice matters to our teachers. They enjoyed getting to learn about what is interesting to them and what apps and sessions would enhance their curriculum. Carrie Busby an English teacher here at HHS said it was "like Thanksgiving". She went on to explain that there were more choices than teachers could consume, but that they liked the way the Professional Development Day was organized.

Sessions were offered according to level. Level 1- Beginner, Level 2- Novice, and Level 3- Advanced. Below is a snapshot of the PD choices for the sessions.

HHS iPad Professional Development August 13th and 14th, 2012

Hoover Teachers Ms. Carrie Busyb, Ms. Melissa Haughery, and Ms. Ivory Leonard speak about thier experiences during the ELI iPad Professional Development Days at Hoover High School

Sessions were presented by both administrators and teachers, mostly those who are members of the iPad Initiative Team. Below you will find some of the presentation handouts and Power Points used during the above presentations (NOTE: Not all sessions lended themselves to formal presentations):

Flipped Instruction: Kristy Kruise

Using QR Codes in the Classroom: Kristen Westwood

I Can Do This: Jill Westerlund

Creating Class Texts: Chad Cooley

Creating Lists on Twitter-Advanced Twitter:  Jennifer Hogan

Hoover Bucs iHigh Programs 2012-2013-How to use iHigh in the Classroom:
Athletic Director, Myra Miles

IB Faculty Meeting: EE Supervisor Resources and Training:
Anthony Hamley

Using Moodle for Research and Writing: Melissa and Anthony Hamley

Using Educreate, Socrative (below), and Teacher Pal in your Classroom:
Kimberly Tanner

 Twitter for Beginners: Holly Sutherland

** Will update with more presentations.

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