Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday and that means it is Fun Fact Friday! Visit the YouTube link below to learn about following James Spann on Twitter, using the Fox 6 weather app, and using CoachSmart to increase your weather awareness. We also had a guest join us today- Mr. Dennis Carroll from the HHS Marching Band (AKA Mason Smith).

 FFF #2 on You Tube:

Today I visited Mrs. Wilson's Economics class. The kids used the BYOD format and to increase their understanding of vocabulary related to their content. Mrs. Wilson got this idea from reading this blog and learning from her peers. She was nervous about using the site for the first time, but the the class went great. As the students explored the website, they learned and shared. One student even pointed out that you can download the Quizlet app and study your words from a smart device after you develop your lists. Great job Mrs. Wilson!

A word from Mr. Hulin...

Thanks for an awesome 1st week of school. Phenomenal things going on at HHS because of your efforts.

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