Friday, August 17, 2012

From the iPad of Melissa Cantley....

I’m doing a new unit with my ESL 3 class this year called “The Way of the Artist”.  We’ll be doing different reading and writing activities about creativity and will do vocabulary development and grammar focuses throughout.  In addition to some poetry and song lyrics, we will be looking at some articles and websites I found about how technology (particularly iPads and iPhones) are changing art & music. 

One of our language focuses for the unit is going to be the correct formation of questions in English, so I was going to have them write a list of interview questions for their favorite musical artist about where he/she gets her inspiration from, etc.  I was then going to have them research online to try to find the answers to these questions and present their findings.  However, while trying to prepare a sample for that activity yesterday, I stumbled upon a new feature on the American Songwriter website called Twitterviews (! 

My new plan is to have students develop their questions and actually attempt to ask them of the artist via Twitter.  If they get a response, great.  If not, they can still research the answers online.   Either way, I think they’ll enjoy the process (and I’ll meet my goal of teaching them question formation)!

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