Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First tweet from many HHS Teachers

Holly Sutherland@BUCSlead
Thanks to everyone who came and learned more about Twitter over the past 2 days. We are Twitter Bucs now.

#hhsibucs learning to tweet.
Carrie Busby

I like to read Eric Sheninger's blog. Check it out. Maybe my 3rd official tweet will have the address. Still learning.
Terri Borie

Loving all of the cool things I can do with my IPad !

Lisa Smith
Thanks Holly! learning a lot about Twitter!

Amy Newell
First tweet#hhsibucs
Alison Zellmer

Found a great way to organize my feed thanks to 's session this morning.
I'm learning how to use twitter.

Tad Niblett
Learning how to tweet
lara rosato

Learning how to use twitter in class
Learning how to use Twitter!

Gerri Kimble
Thanks, , for a great session on QR codes!
Kim Hummel

learning about notability. Cool app!!
Natalie Hollis

Donna Smiley
Learning about ! WOW!  
I'm learning about twitter   
iPads- the wave of the present
Kimberly Tanner

Hoover high school is THE best place to work!!!
For today's PLN presentation. Resources we will use: .

Alan Skinner

Today was awesome. Although my head feels like its about to explode! So much information! Still beyond pumped!
Ben Rigsby

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