Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bringing it all together...

I visited Mrs. Nowlin's Reading class today and it was awesome! The students were comparing The Hunger Games (our school wide summer reading book) to the ancient Roman gladiator fights that took place in the Coliseum. Mrs. Nowlin first used the Touwrist app to show the class the Coliseum in Rome. She then showed YouTube clips from The Hunger Games Movie, Gladiators, and some educational clips about the ancient Roman gladiators. The students then discussed the following: how were the opening ceremonies similar, what part of the Hunger Games would compare to the Coliseum setting, what types of weapons were used, the slave lives of the gladiators compared to the lives of the people in the districts, the spectators and their attitudes toward the games, and the entertainment value vs. human life. The students then wrote in journals about their thoughts in relation to the activity. Great job Ms. Nowlin!

Tweets from Other Classroom Visits:

Mr. Peterson uses card tricks to introduce scientific method and hypotenuse. Great student engagement! #HHSiBucs

Visiting Mr. Rutsky~ quote on wall, "What will you do to change the world today? " Rutsky- "Get to your highest level of success" HHSiBUCS

"Behind everything is a little story" Object share essay Mr. Barber 's Eng class "The doors of a memory are held ajar by things". These quotes and the students sharing their object that connects to a memory are the beginning of great essays! #HHSiBUCS

Photo Sent from Mr. Knippers...

                                         Tech Support 2012

Comment from Ms. Butcher: 
I learned in a graduate class last semester that our students are called Digital Natives-because technology is natural for them-born with it, and our generation is called Digital Immigrants-because technology is a whole new world for some of us and requires a different way of thinking and doing. Great photo of this concept!!!!

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