Thursday, August 16, 2012

As Dr. Jack Farr would say, "If that did not get your fire started, your wood must be wet". Today was a great day in Hoover City Schools. Our 2012 institute was one of the best ever. Today we celebrate 25 years of excellence in the Hoover City School system, a system build with the expectation of innovative practices and excellence. From the choir, to the speakers, to the videos, to the dancing and "celebrating" it was awesome. There is a new energy in the air that has been missing over the past couple of years.

We started the morning with the Invocation given by Dr. Buddy Gray, Pastor of our host church, Hunter Street Baptist. He made the following points:

* It is hard to maintain passion- especially after a long period of

* How do you lose your passion? You allow things that you were once
  passionate about to become familiar to you. Do not let this happen
  with your teaching.

* You are making a difference- Stay passionate about your teaching.

* Praise students for real accomplishments.

* Use your passion for a purpose. Find one thing this year to be
  more passionate about and do a better job with.

* Get up with the idea that I am a teacher and I will be passionate
  about what I teach.

* Rekindle your passion!

We were then blown away by the talents displayed by the combined choir representing all of the Hoover City Schools directed by Mr. Charles Henry, SPHS Choir Director. The musical presentation was entitled "Can You Hear" by Jum Papoulis. Although you cannot see the musicians, some of the instrumentals were planed on iPads. 

                         Can You Hear:

Mrs. Kathy Bailey and Mr. Keith Fulmer then presented Technology Through the Ages.

     Technology Through the Ages:

Mrs. Suzanne Culbreth, Alabama Teacher of the Year and Spain Park Math Teacher, inspired her peers.

              AL Teacher of the Year:

We then watched Hoover's Silver Anniversity video.

Mrs. Paulette Pearson, HCS board member, introduced our speaker Will Pearson, editor of Mental Floss, who is her son. Will is a graduate of Hoover High School and attributes some of his success to his teachers and his expereiences at Hoover. Will did an awesome job.

  Will Pearson, Part I:
  Will Pearson, Part II:

Then the treat of the day was when Dr. Ron Dodson got up to give a report on the Balanced Score Card and the CIP, only to be introrupted by the wonderful Mary Veal, Director of Human Resources. A group of very talented teachers began to lead the dancing and the rest is history!

    Dance Party 2012:

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